About Joy

JOY Ministry

3rd Grade through 6th Grades
JOY stands for Junior Orthodox Youth.
When children in our Metropolis turn 8 years old, there are two additional Metropolis Ministries that they can participate in. They are the Oratorical Festival and the Metropolis Summer Camp program.



Starting a JOY Ministry
If your community has children from 3rd – 6th, hopefully you have a JOY ministry. If not and you would like to organize one, here are a few things you can do:
1. Download and read the JOY Ministry Guidelines from the Archdiocese here: Joy Ministry Guidelines
2. Look at some of the websites of other communities in your area and see if they have a JOY ministry to see what they are doing. Call the ministry leader and get some ideas. (Link to list of parish websites.)
3. Contact the Metropolis Youth Office with any questions.


The mission and goal of the JOY ministry is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith. By developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active sacramental members of the living church, our young people will be equipped with tools necessary to assist them in their journey toward salvation. By laying a foundation of faith at this age, the young people will have something that will guide and strengthen them as they progress into junior high and high school.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco